Be as amazing as you always wanted to be

You talk to yourself all the time, but have you heard yourself lately?  Are you being kind to yourself, and supporting your own intentions?

Every day, you’ll face challenges.  You can ignore them, run away from them, blast through them — you probably know very well what you do to cope (although maybe not — maybe you’re on autopilot and have no idea).

The brilliant thing about yoga is that there’s no escape.  There you are holding a pose and your muscles are shaking and your mind is going crazy, the sweat is rolling off the end of your nose and the teacher is telling some long story and you hate the way she says “inhale” and “exhale” all the time.

Notice what you say to yourself.  Be kind, especially when you fall.  It’s just you and the breath, baby, so be your own best friend.

More than that, be inspired.  Be as amazing as you always wanted to be.  It’s not the poses that make you amazing, it’s your authentic desire and humility as you move through your practice, sometimes struggling, but also sometimes soaring.  Remind yourself of that, again and again.

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